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Protein deficiency

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

"Are you suffering from protein deficiency? 9 out of 10 people in India are, says a recent survey.

Hardly we known that the food we consume daily and our habits may lead to protein deficiency. Weakness and Fatigue are the basic symptoms that showcase lack of protein intake in the body.

Proteins are body’s basic building block and repair agents, and deficiency of it shows that most of the Indians have poor muscle mass.

There was a recent survey conducted in 7 cities which included Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Vijaywada for the people of socio economy class A and B within the age group of 30-55.

The survey publicized that the amount of protein consumed in India is low. They went through a household survey, the consumers were contacted for their 24 hour dietary recall and the total protein content in their diets were calculated using a calculator developed by the team from IMR Bureau.

Some Conclusions of the report based on the sample population -

1. Vegetarians showed a higher protein deficit (91%) as compared to non-vegetarians (85%).

2. The lower age group of 30-40 years showed a better than average protein intake at 82%

3. High risk of protein deficiency in the tribal adult population.

4. Delhi recorded an astonishingly high protein gap at 99% and Mumbai showed the lowest at 68% of the sample.

5. 73 percent respondents in the west zone were unaware of the ideal protein intake for an average adult, as compared to the 98 percent in the north zone.

Why does Protein deficiency occurs?

1. Change to foods that are high in carbohydrates and simple sugars and low in protein content.

2. Proteins in green leafy vegetables is not easily bio-available as it is in eggs.

3. Not aware of the intake required, hence failing to consume appropriate amounts.

How much protein is required?

1.5-2 g/kg of body weight/day and for an average adult woman, ideal protein intake is between 1-1/5 g/kg of body weight/day

Why do we need protein?

It is essential for all activities of the body, including hormone and enzyme function.

Greener ways to gain proteins

1. Green Leafy vegetables

2. Milk

3. Pulses

Protein Rich Non- Vegetarian Foods

1. Fish

2. Eggs

3. Meat.

Alternative ways of gaining Proteins?

1. Supplementary Protein intake is recommended.

IMRB also states that they are still working on the quality of protein intake and they would throw further light on the protein intake in India. In mean while we at ScientiFit guide you get the write meal with our diet plans customized for Indian conditions, Indian food and people. You can write to us at and one of our Certified Nutritionist will get in touch with you.

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