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Importance of counselling in fitness

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Like any counselling, Fitness counselling also plays a vital role in today's information age. it is the first step towards your dream to be fit and healthy. Internet provides plethora of data on weight management, exercise, fitness & nutrition, but not all of them are true and should not be used as is without consulting subject matter experts. There are various incidents where we meet people with " I Know all attitude" at gym and day today life, they not only design workout and nutrition plan for themselves but also consult their friends and family on health and fitness without any scientific evidence or knowledge. BEWARE OF TEHM!!

The other day

I was reading an article/blog from very popular spirituality site on Spot Fat Reduction, why is everyone trying to be fitness and wellness experts?? Please remain focus on your core competencies!! I met someone with " I know it all attitude" at gym with similar half knowledge syndrome, her objective is to lose weight and her plan to lose weight like many others is to run on treadmill all day, she might be losing weight on weighing scale but in reality she is losing precious muscle mass. the recuperation of losing muscle mass is slow metabolism and hence depositing more FAT mass in adipose tissues.

After an hour of scientific counselling, I was successful in convincing her to allow us to design her workout and nutrition plan along with personal trainer by her side for minimum 6 months to achieve her dream body. After six months, she felt more energetic, she lost FAT mass, looked lean and her intensity went up, she fell in love with weight trainings.

Feel free to connect with our Fitness Consultant for an hour counselling session..

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