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Balance Fitness like a tripod!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Fitness can be a very broad term, considering there is so much to worry about when we vaguely talk about being fit. We come up with aspiring fitness freaks asking us, how we achieve fitness and what it is all about.

We at ScientiFit Wellness are trying to define it in the easiest way, we be metaphorical saying that fitness is as a standing tripod. A tripod needs to balance on three legs to gain stability.

Fitness is similar it to has three major legs which when balanced some up to have a fit physical state. Each vertical of being fit is broadly mentioned in the form of Exercise, Nutrition and Rest & Recovery. Fitness is achieved when there is proper balance of three verticals, every aspect of fitness should be balanced. In a simple way, exercise can be stated as any physical activity with full range of joint action. But reality is far more simple, because the sub categories it has to strengthen section of aspects of body is pretty interesting. The major sectors are concerned with muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and ideal body composition. Exercise needs to be supported by a good diet. Diet mostly connects with the time of the day when the food is consumed, the quantity, and quality in terms of fat, protein, carbohydrates content. It helps achieve necessary strength to build an ideal body. Exercise can be tiring and most of the times there is a wear and tear. The third most important part of fitness is the rest and recovery period. A sound sleep is must at night, and sleeping for short period should be avoided.

In Short ScientiFit Suggests For Fitter and Ideal Body

1. Exercise a. Muscular Strength b. Muscular Endurance c. Cardiovascular Endurance d. Flexibility e. Ideal Body Composition 2. Nutrition a. Balanced combination of Macro (such as Carbs, Protein, Fat & water) & Micro (Vitamins and Minerals) Nutirents. 3. Rest and Recovery a. Give sufficient time for body to naturally heal and recover. We at Scientifit help you achieve perfect balance between exercise, nutrition and rest & recovery, Connect with us today,

Our Nutritionist would be more than happy to answer your doubts in comments.

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